Painkiller: Triple Dose (PC)

“Triple Dose” contains the original Painkiller game, “Battle Out of Hell”, and “Overdose”. The game itself is a first-person shooter that is along the lines of an Unreal Tournament, Quake, or Doom; while it has been given awards by Computer Gaming World, Computer Games Magazine, Game Informer and GameSpy in the past, we here at NeuFutur missed the original release of the title. After playing the constituent parts in Painkiller: Triple Dose, I honestly felt that I’ve missed out on a great game. Given the chance to actually play that, I feel that prospective buyers will feel much the same way. Despite the fact that the original game came out in April of 2004, the graphics are still sharp and competitive with current games in the first-person shooter genre.

In contrast to other games in the genre, there is actually an interesting story present, which sets out with a couple – Catherine and Daniel – crashing into a car. While Catherine makes it to Heaven, Daniel has to reach salvation by killing high-ranking officials in Hell. The subsequent games, such as “Battle Out of Hell”, add further functionality and weapons to the game experience. Individuals will be further impressed through the extreme versatility of each weapon, which are imbued with a primary and secondary attack. Beyond the trilogy of games, the “Triple Dose” edition has a limited edition Penny Arcade poster stuck in the package, but the best bonus features have to be the haunting and compelling soundtrack that was present in the game play of the original Painkiller game, along with a documentary that really goes into detail about the creation of the game.

The documentary goes into a detail that is typically not seen in treatments of a number of games, considering that the G4 and similar types of coverage seem to only scratch the surface in coverage. “Painkiller: Triple Dose” is a great collection, getting individuals immediately up to date with the game. The price point – $19.99 – is at a level that is very accessible and is actually quite a value when one thinks about it. Make sure the kids don’t get a hold of it – the game has a rating of Mature (17+) and the game’s web site requires that viewers give an age-appropriate birth date. Make sure to pick up Painkiller: Triple Dose if you like the first-person shooter genre in the least; it is a game that truly merits all of the awards that it has picked up over the last four years.

Rating: 9.1/10

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