Rocks and Blows #2

Rocks and Blows #2 / $1 / :20 / 36M / / 

Some of my best friends are drug addicts, but they never have gotten as deep into their lives and their addictions as David does in this issue of Rocks and Blows. Before getting into a rehab program using Methadone, David was a heroin addict. This issue shows the feelings of withdrawal and exactly how far an individual will go to get another fix. One of the pieces in this issue shows a hard-up David so desperate that ey pawns off eir TV set for a grand total of $4. There are four different pieces in this issue, with one of the most interesting being one in which they (David and eir partner)go to a shady Chicago neighborhood for a fix, get it finally, and are stopped by the cops and hassled mercilessly. The most shocking thing during this piece has to be the partner seemingly being concerned for David’s well-being (as ey ate the drugs they purchased) to the point that they buy Ipecac. David gets sick and the partner is happy – not only because ey will be okay but also because they can then do the drugs that they had purchases. The pieces in Rocks and Blows are just laid out using Word; there is no need for them to be gussied up with pictures or any other embellishments, because the stories are so interesting and well-written, and are compelling beyond that. This zine is perfect for anyone who wants to try to get in the mind of a drug addict, and has seem the limitations that movies like Trainspotting have for trying to show the reality of the situation.

Rating: 8.6/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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