Seeking Some Connection

Seeking Some Connection / :15 / 24 Pages / Fourth-Sized / 2 Stamps / 111 Archer Pl, Denver, CO 80223 / / 

Vermicious Knid is back with this zine, a longer version of what would be found in eir’s other ‘zine, Sex, Death, and Ronald McDonald. This time, Seeking Some Connection is the story of Jonah, and the connections that ey has with a cultist dad, a string of self-mothers, Kate, eir’s current love, and Ainsley, ey’s former. In a story that is extremely obscure in the fact that to get exactly what is happening, one has to go and withdraw from the story and visualize every event, we are given much more to think about than the Spartan imagery would indicate. The story is compelling through its humanity – there are no glorious twelve-story jumps into pools, but rather events that could conceivably happen to anyone. Seeking Some Connection is typed out completely, only having hand-drawn stars to delineate the scenery and cast changes; not content to lead eir’s audience in a certain way, V.K. chose not to use any conscious imagery in this zine besides the motorcycle described in the piece. The only thing I don’t really get with Seeking Some Connection is the opening discussion of how V.K.’s typewriter died – I mean, taking this event as a description of fact is the only logical end, but the event seems to hold some significance that I, as someone that doesn’t know V.K. that well, cannot fathom. Still, the story is what matters in this issue, and after the first few pages in which readers acclimate to the characters, the story is crafted masterfully by the author.

Rating: 6.6/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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