Slug #234

It has been a while since we have had the chance to review an issue of Slug Mag. This time out, the entire issue is about beer. As individuals may know, Slug is the magazine that deals with anything having to do with Salt Lake City, Utah and the surrounding areas. Saying that, I thought that the beer in Utah was limited to the 3.2% cap. The number of pieces about the topic, however, show that I was completely wrong. Rather, there is a vibrant homebrewing and microbrewing scene in Salt Lake City, something that has always been present in the city. With “The History of Beer in Utah”, Evan Sawdey links the past to the present in showing how much the average Utah inhabitant loves their beer. While there are reviews and local band features (this time out, Invaders and Minerva are given the nod), pieces lke “Home Brewing: The Super Punk-Rock Hobby” are the norm. The “Cheap Beer Reviews” by Eric Blair showcase the sad fact that outside of Olympia, the cheap beeer selection in places hundreds of miles away are virtually the same. The craft beer reviews, on the next page, showcase some interesting offerings that are fairly local in scope. Kudos to Slug Magazine for creating a theme issue that provides tons of information while sticking with the stated them throughout, never once making it seem like a stretch to continue working within the constraints that they have given themselves for the issue. Pick this and other current issues up today, or email them about purchasing a copy.

Rating: 8.5/10

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