THE END RECORDS reissues remastered NOVEMBERS DOOM albums

THE END RECORDS have reissued two of NOVEMBERS DOOM’s earlier albums both 
with new artwork, remastered and with bonus tracks.

The albums reissued are: the 1995 debut “Amid its Hallowed Mirth” and 1999’s 
“Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers.” Both are in stores now.

“Amid its Hallowed Mirth”
THE END | TE104 | Out now!
1. Aurora’s Garden
2. Amour of the Harp
3. Tears of the Beautiful
4. My Agony, My Ecstasy
5. Bestow My Desire
6. Chorus of Jasmine
7. Dance of the Leaves
8. Sadness Rains
9. A Dirge of Sorrow
10. Nothing Earthly Save the Thrill
11. Seasons of Frost
12. Scarification*
13. Winter Solstice*
14. Mammaliferous Earth*
15. Crown of Thorns*


“Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers”
THE END | TE105 | Out now!

1. With Rue and Fire
2. The Jealous Sun
3. Suffer the Red Dream
4. All the Beauty Twice Again
5. Reaping Forest Calm
6. For Every Leaf That Falls
7. Serenity Forgotten
8. Forever With Unopened Eye
9. Dawn Breaks
10. Serenity Remembered*
11. For Every Leaf That Falls* (soft version)
12. Forever With Unopened Eye* (soft version)

“…complex and rich…a compelling culmination of style, elements and atmosphere.” – CHRONICLES OF CHAOS


“…a good balance of darkness and intensity…Novembers Doom is able to pull off mellow ballads
or aggressive death metal with equal skill.” – ABOUT.COM


“…a nice mix of old doom and new death metal…Novembers Doom
continue to excel at what they do.” – METAL OBSERVER


“…evocative, musically and lyrically sophisticated heavy metal that seamlessly blends death metal,
progressive metal, and near gothic soundscapes.” – ULTIMATE METAL


“…dark and dynamic…haunting acoustic passages flow
effortlessly into crushing doom..” – METAL MANIACS


“…tons of despair…death/doom metal with effective and strong songwriting…” – BW&BK


“…complex, dynamic, highly emotional dark heavy metal…” – BLABBERMOUTH.NET


“…powerful doom metal laced with death metal and dark overtones…” - METAL ATTACK


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