Venture Arctic (PC)

Venture Arctic is the sequel to Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa. It is perhaps the easiest way to show the younger set exactly what could happen if the environment is not properly cared for, and it does it without having a preachy message or page after page of text. Furthermore, this Pocketwatch / Brighter Minds release will imbue on players the sense that the actions that they take are those that will ultimately determine whether the planet will be able to sustain life for a long period of time, or if the future is going to be something that is closer to Wall-E than anything. The free and open style of Venture Arctic ensures that whatever a player wants to do, they can do it.

There are not the goals and missions that are present in a number of the “Tycoon” games, and this may be more of a reason than anything why Pocketwatch ultimately decided to change the name of the title. The cheaper price of the game (the suggested retail is $19.95) will ensure that parents’ pocketbooks are not heavily impacted, and the high amount of different animals that players can interact with (22 in total) ensures that this will be a game that sees a number of plays. The graphical quality is not essential for a game of this type, but Pocketwatch and Brighter Minds have really ratcheted the quality up to the point that even the youngest players will be able to identify each of the animals and properly be able to immerse themselves completely in the game experience.

Finally, the presence of a little bit of information, specifically the Native American mythology, in Venture Arctic, will further educate and entertain players of all ages. Heck, I’m 24 and even I picked up a few bits and pieces of information from Venture Arctic. I’m unsure how exactly the game can be built upon or where Pocketwatch and Brighter Minds can go from here, but one thing is certain: Venture Arctic is a fun game that provides responsibility and information by the barrelful to anyone that may stick the DVD into the player. Pick up Venture Arctic and set your child or relation off on a path that will have them acting in a responsible manner, whether it be picking up after themselves or even going to a recycling facility with their parents or guardians.

Rating: 8.4/10

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