Earth Crisis’ “Breed The Killers” Re-Released 11/4

Confrontation…Activism… Militant viewpoints put to music. That’s Earth Crisis.

Recently relocated its American office from Los Angeles to New York City, independent label I Scream Records is excited to announce the re-release of Earth Crisis ‘Breed The Killers’ to hit the street and internet on November 4 in the US and November 7th in Europe, Insert blurb on bonus tracks.

“Our revolution is real, it’s radical,” states vocalist Karl Buechner. “There’s n o empty sloganeering.”

Haling from Syracuse, NY, Earth Crisis is heavy hardcore taken to a new level, it’s a steely combination of technical chops and bilious ferocity. “On Breed the Killers I think we achieved the most honest representation of our sound without sounding too raw or too slick,” says drummer Dennis Merrick.

It’s a militancy that’s made Earth Crisis controversial and misunderstood, insightful and inciting and Breed the Killers takes that scorched-earth policy to a nother level.

Originally a European independent music company, I Scream Records released albums by hardcore and punk bands. Over the last 14 years, I Scream Records has grown into one of the leading European independent labels. I Scream Records has built an impressive catalogue with releases from bands like Madball, Ramallah, Inhuman, Agnostic Front, Discipline, Deathkiller, MOD, Vision, Slapshot, Guajiro, The Unseen, Stars & Stripes and Backfire and compilations such as The Worldwide Tribute To The Real Oi, to name a few. In early 2006 I Scream Records started its American operations and has since started to make it mark in the states as one of the most diverse independents recently inking a deal with distribution partner Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA).

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