Skyscraper #20

Skyscraper #20 / $4.99 / 1:30 / 140M / / / 

As usual, Skyscraper finds itself throwing out its tried and true formula; up and coming bands are interviewed by the barrelful, in-depth reviews find their way through a large section of the magazine, and pictures are visible for all who wish to see. The cover is cute in an “off” sort of way; done by Jeremy Wabiszczewicz, it really calls a reader’s attention to this cover at the book store. What Skyscraper does that may just be innovation on their end is have a decent number of ads; these ads are not for the latest big label release, but largely feature smaller labels that may put out releases that individuals will never see at their large chain store. Of the bands featured in this issue, only the Animal Collective and Neon Blonde really have gotten their time in the sun before this issue. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is here as well, but their popularity seems more to be a fluke than an aggressive marketing campaign. Another piece of the puzzle that Skyscraper is practically the only magazine to give listeners is a discography (sometimes annotated) that the band has put out, making album identification and purchase much easier. There is so much material in this issue of Skyscraper that it will take the most dead-set ready reader a few hours to go all the way through it; this alone makes the $5 price well worth it in the eyes of any true music listener. Take a look at it in Borders and pick up a copy for yourself.

Rating: 5.8/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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