Slug&Lettuce #69

Slug&Lettuce #69 – For a more general review read the review of #64. Being printed quarterly might pose a problem for some zines, but Adrienne (of Aus-Rotten) is able to keep a piece about the time immediately following 9-11 timely with some of the most rational rhetoric I’ve heard. Ecopunk’s piece is a modern-day metaphysical assessment with a very knowledgeable base of the environment around him. Sascha’s piece is revolutionary in its though that the whole artist/anarchist movement is in actuality the cause of gentrification in a number of black neighborhoods. The next piece, by “Sisters of the Road”, is a very interesting narrative about hitchhiking and the history of the woman in said field. In “Freedom is Mine”, a clear line is drawn in the sand on how far advertisements can go, and that certain advertisements have went way too far in promoting community for money. With Slug&Lettuce, Christina has distilled her writers to such a degree that every piece has a seriously striking meaning, and such is the case with “The Question of Privilege”, a piece that is primarily raising questions, but is able to adequately put all the pieces together in a few demonstrative sentences. Another good narrative which caused feelings of nostalgia for a era that never existed to well up in me was “The Future Generation”, telling about a prior era in Baltimore. The last 4 articles move away from a lot of the personal aspects of the writer to more of a environment ecology focus. A really shocking piece, “Reclaiming Our Health”, is very beneficial in describing problems with microwaves, while “Ask The Plants” is a wonderful piece about simple herbal remedies. Finally, the debunking of the myth of veganism as a over-priced hobby is debunked. Tons of reviews, both of zines and albums finish off the magazine.

Rating 8.3/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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