Spin January 2006

Spin January 2006 / $2.99 / 80M / http://www.spin.com / 

Spin has been around for twenty years, so it may just be a little hard to come up with a review that says things that have not previously been said. Spin to me seems to be the younger person’s version of Rolling Stone; it is better informed than Clearchannel radio or Mtv, but still is about 6 months behind the smaller market magazines and websites in regards to busting a band. Thus, Fall Out Boy, The Killer, and The Arcade Fire are featured prominently in the pages of this issue, the first of 2006. There are ads abound in this issue, many for large market advertisers (RCA, Civic). The glossy approach is reminiscent of Seventeen, while the band features seem to be closer to a less well-versed Filter. I understand the purpose of buying advertisements (to ultimately decrease the price of the magazine to the consumer), but when the magazine is less than half actual content, the interest in the magazine has to wane in equal proportion. Most of the pieces early in the magazine are about those either washed up or overhyped acts; Jay-Z and Queens of the Stone Age feature prominently here. The issue is redeemed partially by pieces featuring Lady Sovereign, We Are Scientists, and M.I.A., but this issue still has the feel of the eternally out of touch older sibling Rolling Stone. Perhaps if a more music-savvy staff was present at Spin, the magazine would have more weight and importance to those who actually live, breathe, and die music. As it is now, this is a nice introductory rag for the 13 and 14 year olds who are growing out of Gwen Stefani and Good Charlotte to independent music.

Rating: 3.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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