Starlit Fireball #4

Yet another issue of this fabulous zine put out by Brittanie. I understand that I’ve been reviewing these issues in a weird order, but I do hae some sort of system when it comes to reviewing. You see, I have a pile of zines sitting on my floor, and the new issues are thrown on the top. Whenever I grap a zine, it is probably going to be the newest issue of the zine in question. Issue #4 of Starlit Fireball is just as much of a fun read as any of the prior issues, and specifically, this issue is much more visual than the other issues that I have. Starlit Fireball is really a zine made in the mold of Mecaroni and Fleas, Scorpi-Oh, and any other fabulous cut and paste zines that you can probably come up with. Brittanie has her ear much more close to the pop culture section of our society, so a reader will find a familiarity with popular culture that just simply isn’t found in many zines currently being produced. By far though, the most memorable pieces in this issue would still have to be the pieces that have as a main topic Brittanie or her writer’s life. However, there is one exception, as her piece on how to make Lip Gloss, something that even technical magazines like Glue would be proud of. Get this magazine. It’s fun, it’s a great read, and you will definitely like it.

Rating : 7.3/10

Starlit Fireball #4

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Author: James McQuiston

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