Cool and Phat 3/12/99 (JMcQ)

Cool and Phat Concert on March 12th 1999

Marcus Holden – This guy was sweet. Do you remember the guy from police acadamy? You know, the black guy that did all the noises? Well, if you do here is his pseudo brother. Marcus made beats for a lot of songs, and made money while at it. From what i gleaned off people, he always used to do that stuff in study hall. He was on stage because the first band did not show up

Rating 6.0/10 Have you seen lucky? – These guys were lucky that another band failed to show up. They played in the spot from 8:00-8:30. They were a local high school punk band i think. The beginning of the set started out slow, as the vocals were too low during the first few songs. They got rolling and starting kicking ass. Their bassist has potential. Their songs sound like early Blink 182, which was actually good. As everyone knows, punk music is about covering other bands, and HYSL did their fair share with a Mystic Spiral song, Blink 182`s dammit and parts of MxPx`s “Chick Magnet” mixed in. The lead singers voice was really nasal and annoying.

Rating 8.0/10 Betty and Brother – This is the second time i have seen this group. This performance was a lot better then the first time i seen them. Betty was singing through a echoing machine and it was positivly brilliant. She is such a mistress with her voice. Later on she started playing acoustic and sang a Jewel Song.

Rating 8.5/10Dutch Uncle – This is one of the bands that i came to cool and phat to see. The band features one of my friends on bass, andrew “the pillsbury soul man” roach on bass. The band has bass/electric guitar/acoustic guitar/ saxophone/ drums. They played for an hour because another band canceled. Their set was incredible. Along with original material, Dutch Uncle threw in some odd covers. These included Dada`s “Disneyland, the doug theme song,Pink Floyd`s “Comfortably Numb”,12 Bar Blues and a Lynard Skynard “Free Bird” medley, which involved a guitar solo and the guitarist playing with his teeth. Just great. Their original material is kinda hard to classify, but it contains elements of old Barenaked Ladies, and a little bit of Hootie and the Blowfish. Totally enjoyable hometown rock. This band drew more people then Psychobabble….Around 200 peoples. A teacher even came to the shindig, and he is our Econ teacher. Rock on Mr. Smeltzer.

Rating 9.5/10Untitled – I know all of the people from this band from school. This was the last performance of the same lineup of the band. It included Evan Parker on Guitars/Vox, Josh Jenkins on Guitar, Jeff Kell on Drums, and Eliot Dow on Bass. This was a bland sounding 3rd wave punk band, and they were just horrible. The drums were out of sync, and they restarted songs a few times. They were so bad that a few select people threw snow into Eliots car. Until next time i Hear this band, they suck.

Rating 4.0/10Other Bands there that night: Groove -Sounded exactly the same as last weekends show. Transparent Orange -I left at 11, but i wanted to see these guys play because they are good.

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