Cool and Phat 6/25/99 (JMcQ)

Abacus– This band is pop hardcore in the vein of what the Blitz and WAZU play. Metal with definite influences of Metallica, Pantera, Godsmack, and Sepultura. Most fake hardcore bands like this suck, but Abacus actually has more of a metal edge and is easier to listen to. The guitarist also has some really kickass solos, and the drummer is a speed demon. Fist of Gold- Creed+ New metallica sounding song, slow at beginning/fast at middle. The guitarist is the best part of the band, with some screeching solos. Definite early 80’s metal influences with this band. This band is way fucking better then Triphammer was. Shawn dos way better sound jobs then Jesse ever could. Abacus is a really fucking good band, with all parts working together to kick all ass. They could definitely get signed to a huge label like Roadrunner or Metal Blade if they wanted to. The drummer of Abacus plays at a fear factory/cannibal corpse speed.

Rating 8/10Pawn– They are even harder live then they are on tape. They still have the Pantera sound going in as well, and it kicks some royal ass. They sound as good as Abacus. The live performance sounds better then the Rome Studios ep. After a slightly rough start, Pawn sounds great and does not fuck up at all/ The bass is noticeable in this performance. Live they also sound if they have a little bit of fear factory in them. Shawn is a master of the bass . Please look at the Pawn Rome Studios review for more info about the band. Their new album will be released on July 3rd. The crowd really likes Pawn. They cover Helmet and Pantera.

Rating 8.5/10

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