Cool and Phat 6/4/99 (JMcQ)

Ryan Greenley– This has four people playing (Bongos/Bass/Drums/Guitar). Jesse is on Bass. All songs of this set are instrumental. This has a decent jazz-indie feel, with a Guitarist with mucho talent. The set has very amazing guitar playing, but every other member of the band is barely noticeable. The guitar playing is so good that it sounds like one big long solo. This style of music is one of the only types of instrumental music i like.

Rating 7.0/10Stadden’s Bridge– This has former Have You Seen Lucky members Darby (Bass) and Mike (Drums), along with a vocal virtuoso Jason (Guitar/Vocals). This may be their final live concert up in Lancaster. Happy– Hard Alt.Rock Mixed with Emo/Indy.

Before You Stop into a Beautiful Space-All three membersof the band sound well oiled, and it is a great thing . SB has a innovative type of Alt.Rock that kicks ass while still being meaningful. Darby is really rocking balls out tonight.
Fortress– This is a slow song, with amazing bass line, and a undescribable sound.
Wishful Thinking– This is another great, slow song.
Peter Pan– The third slower song in a row, but has great metally speed parts in the middle.
(Unknown?)-There has not been anything defined to say what this song sounds like.
Joey-This is one of my favorite songs by SB, and it has a near ethereal sound to the song.
Sentimentally Insane– Jason has a sound like the vocalists of Pavement and Green Day.
Where Should We Go– This is a ska/lounge punk song, the only one that sounds like it in the set.
Last Song– This is a Guitar/Bass/Guitar switching on and off songs, and this ties with Joey in the songs that i like the most.

Rating 9.3/10Blues Factory-1st Songs-Tom Petty cover songs (Mary Janes Last Dance), which is a horrible version of the songs. As time passes, they get a little better. Jesse is playing guitar on this gig, for what reasons i do not know. This is Rockabilly music with lots of guitars.

Rating 4.0/10

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