Jay Gatsby and the RumRunners (Earth Day, April 23rd, 2004 – Bowman Park @ Greencastle, Indiana)

Jay Gatsby and the RumRunners – The flyers that were put out about this show were beyond interesting, so I felt that I should show up. Anyways, it was on a Friday, and I had nothing else to do. Scheduled for five P.M. but not getting there until 6 o’clcok, Jay Gatsby and the RumRunners is a band that can afford to have their listeners wait. Starting out their set with a sound reminiscent of Strike Anywhere and really wowing the captive audience with a strong set of guitar, their next song allows the bass to shine through, showcased by the interesting time signatures that mark the song off from the rest of pop music.

In “500 Night Days”, Jay Gatsby and the RumRunners let their harder side out, opening their floodgates to the deluge of Deftones-like rock, inserting emotion into the track that meshes perfectly with the masterful guitar solo. Speeding up for “80 proof giant light”, Jay Gatsby and the RumRunner create a punch-sounding track laced through with ample metal-styled guitar lines. Moving to some hard-hitting covers, the band bashes through Operation Ivy’s “I Got No” before breaking into The Ramones’ “Bonzo Goes to Bitsburg”.

Jay Gatsby and the RumRunners are a fairly new band, yet the originals that they were able to bash up together sounded as compelling as anything currently out. The band exuded a nice glow, and were kind and friendly (which has become more and more of a rarity in independent music). I would suggest that if they come around your neck of the woods, to check them out. They will only get better with the passing days, and their ability to produce a catchy, hard-hitting style of rock is not to be passed.

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Author: James McQuiston

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