KOSMOS Nominated for Quebec Indie Music Awards Metal/Hardcore Album of the Year

Montreal space-proggers KOSMOS have been nominated for Metal/Hardcore Album of the Year by the Quebec Indie Music Awards! KOSMOS, featuring members of VOIVOD, PARADISE, TRICKY WOO, and GRIM SKUNK, released their self-titled debut via THE END RECORDS on September 4th of last year.


Our cosmological investigations have always ended with the same hypothesis: there must be a self-causing prime mover. If this is true of our world, then it is even truer for the world of Kosmos, where our prime mover is a synthesis of one idea, and four single-minded musicians.

The idea first appeared as ideas usually do: nascent and uncertain, yet brimming with potential. With the meticulous working and re-working of the project, the idea became a reality of post-punk melodies and 70’s Kraut-rock, which thereby allowed the musical landscape of Kosmos to stretch its evolutionary goal toward the stars.

The band formed as bands usually do: a friend, a roommate, another friend. But this equation was unique in one crucial aspect – all four musicians had been around the musical block more than a few times and met at the corner of Gong street and Amon Dűűl 2 avenue with the resolute conviction to form an innovative band where fantasy has a chance at reality in the Kosmos.

The band is comprised of Michel Langevin, a founding member of the internationally renowned and legendary Voivod, which already occupies an indispensable place in music history, JetPhil also known as the flamboyant member of Paradise, who delivers atmospheric and sensitive guitar playing on the album, Vincent Peake, a founding member of Groovy Aardvark and current member of Quebec punk pioneers Grim Skunk, and Alex Crow, the multi-talented guitar player in some of Montreal’s most important rock bands, completes the group by offering beautiful and elegant keyboard playing.

Contributions by notable musicians such as Xavier Caféïne and Lucien Francoeur deepen the album’s already sensitive and profound textures. Although the four artists have their respective accolades, with Kosmos they desired more than to be considered four recognized members from other bands. They were determined to write an album, which represents their particular musical interests as one united, interwoven entity infused with transcendent spirit. The product was the eponymous album Kosmos, slated for international release on The End Records by fall 2007.

It is a sincere album, bearing a clear and simple message: This is Kosmos. Welcome to our uni-verse.

Critical praise for KOSMOS…

“This is one hell of an impressive debut, and I hope the band manages the make a name for itself in the Post-Rock circles that are popping up now. They deserve all the attention they can get.” – METAL OBSERVER

“Kosmos is a unique blend of ‘70s nostalgia coupled with a crazy alien drummer counting off 21st century beats.” – ASSOCIATED PRESS

“Progressive, pschedelic and totally unexpected from the drummer of Voivod, Kosmos is a mostly instrumental, experimental force that takes the seeds planted by bands like Faust, Neu!, Amon Duul II and Chrome and scatters them to the four winds to create something spiritul and timeless.” — Jon Wiedehorn, REVOLVER

“VOIVOD drummer Michel Langevin takes you “away” to distant planets filled with hazy hallucinogens and retro-groove – a sizzling, sensory salute to an era of mind-bending creation.” – BW&BK

“Diverse, cool instrumental jazz fusion set against the backdrop of Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. Good stuff!” – METAL MANIACS

“Kosmos are intent on slipping the surly bonds of Earth, fuelled by insatiable enthusiasm for Can and Kraftwerk to create this concise cluster of Euro-prog explorations mixed with unexpected detours into heavy rock raveups and fuzz punk.” – UNRESTRAINED!

“…swirling stew of psych, prog… If Ash Ra Tempel, Hawkwind, and Neu! mean anything to you, this album is a must-have.” – INVISIBLE ORANGES


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