Secret Dakota Ring “Cantarell” Out Oct 28th on Serious Business/No Office Records

With his second album Cantarell, Secret Dakota Ring mastermind Andy Ross steers his project towards beautifully realized stylistic extremes of pop. Each track reveals a bevy of musical surprises. From the multi-layered summer-of-love psychedelia of “Losing Eyeballs” to the stark strings-only arrangement of “They Got The Wrong Guy” to the Hitsville USA pep of “The Fade to Black,” SDR have crafted a uniquely detailed and completely individual half-hour of ultra-catchy and unpretentious pop music out October 28 on No Office/ Serious Business Records.

Ross wrote Cantarell in tour buses and hotel rooms as he toured the world as OK Go’s guitarist. Every time he found himself in New York City, he’d head to work at Serious Business, the recording studio and record label he co-founded in 2004 with longtime pal, SDR drummer and co-producer Travis Harrison. The sessions began as fun and informal, but as the months progressed, the songs started to pile up.

The end result was Cantarell, which will be released October 28, 2008 on Serious Business/ No Office Records.

Track List

1. They Got The Wrong Guy
2. The Fade To Black
3. Losing Eyeballs
4. I Blew Myself Up Over You
5. I Don’t Wanna Know About My City
6. Sell Us A Spaceship
7. Red Light
8. Elephants
9. Still Awake

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