Tell Me About The First Time You Came To ABC No Rio

Everyone has heard of ABC No Rio, but this is really a first (that I can tell). Enclosed within are a number of narratives spanning the space’s 25 years of existence, and really comes through as a nice (if short) remembrance of the joint. Even though this is 20 pages, the font is absolutely huge and could have been conceivably halved in size, in order to give more narratives space. The narratives are really a cross-section of the bands and individuals who have attended the venue over the last twenty-five years, and the only thing that can be said to weaken this fond reminiscence are the poor reproductions of some of the pictures present (the only one that can honestly said to be reasonably clear is the back panel of the zine). Regardless, aside from writing an entire book about the venue, this is a wonderful primary source for anyone that is wondering about the past, whether recent or not-so. While this was compiled for No Rio’s 25th anniversary Anti-Star celebration, I would really want to see this continue, whether it be more stories about No Rio or if Vikki (the editor) wanted to move on to the story collection process regarding other venues in the area. The zine may be short but its importance can not be dismissed or overestimated. If this comes out on a bi-monthly schedule, has a smaller font and a better use of the white space, this could be a formidable zine out on the scene.

Rating: 7.5/10

Tell Me About The First Time You Came To ABC No Rio / $? / :15 / 20M / Reviewed 03 September 2005

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Author: James McQuiston

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