Tight Pants #10

While I have been a fan of the other Tight Pants zine (being The World Would Be A Better Place If Everyone Wore Tight Pants), I hadn’t gotten a chance to go and read Tight Pants until I saw a copy for sale at Boxcar Books. After picking it up, it was definitely worth my buck. While all of the fonts that Maddy uses are just windows system-type of fonts, everything is put for in such a fun way that people just have to read. Having mini-cartoons to showcase some of the action doesn’t really hurt eir cause either, as many of the funniest moments are just made more funny when someone sees a stick figure doing that action. This time around, Maddy digs around eir childhood and talks about eir s time in the Indian Guides, a Girl Scouts-type ripoff, as well as the differences between the Midwest and New York City. Most bizarre of all would be the recalling of reading a piece by a General Mills CEO, who went to my University (DePauw, in central Indiana). However, I would have to say that Maddy saved the best for last, in the narrative about seeing exactly how far individuals at Original Cookie would go in creating cakes. Overall, Maddy is like Alex from Dunk & Piss, in that both are able to intensely cover previous experiences and have it not be an extra-long emo song. Steve Journalsong should take note.

Rating: 7.8/10

Tight Pants #10 / $2 and 3 Stamps / 80 Pages / Maddy Pants, 296A Nassau Ave #3L, Brooklyn, NY 11222 / Reviewed 06 January 2004

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