Toxic Flyer #34

Another newsprint magazine that has interview after interview, seemingly never ending, but after the first half of the magazine, we are assaulted with another large chunk of material in the form of reviews. The last chunk of the magazine has a few show reviews, as well as zine reviews, a rare presence in most larger punk magazines in the day. What is nice about Toxic Flyer is the sheer amount of genres that the magazine covers, whether it be a KMFDM show review or a SR71 interview (I thought they had disappeared into the mists), or even a few comic reprints (in “Real Voodoo”). While most of the layout in Toxic Flyer is just text-on-page, there are a few exceptions to this rule: the Leather Muu Muu interview has a large (picture-sized) blank spot on that page, and the Undercover Slut interview has some different uses of contrasting color. The major issue with Toxic Flyer is the fact that the editor, Billy, does not have one page of text that is error-free: it is honestly like Billy has nothing in the way of spell-check. While there are a few bands that I am familiar with, Toxic Flyer’s strength is in the bands that Billy covers, bands that no one has ever heard of. Toxic Flyer may have a weak spell-checking function, but the amount of work that is done in trying to promote bands that haven’t made it big yet really shows Billy as someone who gives a shit.

Rating: 6.0/10

Toxic Flyer #34 / 64 Pages / Full-Sized / $3 ppd /Europe: $4 ppd/ World: $5 ppd / PO Box 39158, Balto.MD 21212 / Reviewed 29 March 2004

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Author: James McQuiston

Ph.D. in Political Science, Kent State University. I have been the editor at NeuFutur / since I was 15. Looking for new staff members all the time; email me if you are interested. Thanks!

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