Aaron Tippin Thwarts Brush Fire Near Home in Liberty, TN

It seems the hardest working man in country music’s work is never done.

As Aaron Tippin and his wife Thea settled down for a quiet lunch near their home in Liberty, TN, a call came over the scanner citing a fire near their home. Tippin immediately exited the restaurant and rushed to the scene.

Aaron piloted a dozer to dig fire trenches and assisted local fire squads after several hours of fighting the blaze and rescuing livestock and securing the Tippin residence.

“Tell George Strait to move over, there’s a new ‘Fireman’ in town,” Tippin joked with a sigh of relief.

It seems that Tippin stays busy these days, whether performing concerts for Governor Palin, promoting his upcoming album “In Overdrive” or fighting fires.

Look for his new album of trucking songs coming soon on Country Crossing Records and at www.aarontippin.com.

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