Adversary Launch “Singularity” E-Card and Full Album Preview!

Virginia’s ADVERSARY have just launched a complete album preview of their debut album “Singularity”, in stores and online November 11, 2008. Click here to listen!
The riffs are to die for; sounding as though they were brought to life in Gothenburg, Sweden, when in actuality Manassas, Virginia is home to metal’s next big band. Their playing is at a fevered pitch, full of precision pounding. William Clapp’s scathing cynical vocal delivery is fuelled by politically and socially charged messages.” – Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles
Hailing from Manassas, Virginia’s childhood friends, William Clapp, Brad Ryder, Kenny Harrison, Justin Green, and Daniel Tidwell infuse a distinctly American sensibility into their groove heavy brand of metal. Look for the bands Trustkill debut Singularity to hit on November 11, 2008. Recorded at Assembly Line Studios in Vienna, Virginia with Kevin “131” Gutierrez (Raven/Dysrhythmia) behind production, Singularity delivers ten tracks of intense, riff-heavy, bone-crushing power. This is the stuff metal fans have been dreaming about for years, and it couldn’t have come soon enough.
When the band was in the studio recording Singularity, powerhouse independent label Trustkill Records caught wind of them and without hesitation made them an offer, the band immediately inked the deal with the label. Together they plan to catapult this infectious, vitriolic sound into the consciousness of the heavy music adoring masses.
When we started this band it was with the intention of doing everything, from songwriting to business, the right way. Accepting the offer from Trustkill was an easy decision. We now have on our side one of the biggest independent labels in the heavy music world, and one that understands what we have to offer to heavy music.” – Brad Ryder (Adversary)
It has been a long time since I’ve heard a band come out of nowhere with 10 songs of absolute metal perfection. Adversary are not the sound of today, they are the sound of tomorrow. Classic metal that even the most finicky of listeners will no doubt appreciate. We are excited to see what happens with Adversary when everyone hears the music!” – Josh Grabelle (Trustkill)
Adversary is the heirs-apparent to the throne left long-vacant by their declining domestic forefathers. While many bands are satisfied with wearing their influences on their sleeves, a select few are driven to surpass them.
Masses are advised to brace themselves, because we are surely entering the era of Adversary.

Trustkill Records
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