Blitz: The League II (Xbox 360)

Blitz was one of those games that I just had to play in the arcade whenever I could search a cabinet out. However, it seems as if the home iterations of the Blitz franchise have actually surpassed in some key ways the arcade releases. First off is the discussion of still-current events, such as quarterback Mike Mexico (their version of Michael Vick) being thrown into prison, as well as the New England Regulars cheating in the championship game (which will undoubtedly raise shades of similar actions taken by the Pats). For individuals that want more realism in terms of the actual game play of Blitz: The League II, the ability to tackle different parts of a player’s body (head, arms, legs) provides an additional level of strategy – do you want to take a runningback out for the game (or season) or just go for the fumble?

Similarly, the late hit option in Blitz: The League II has been expanded from the original game, allowing players to stomp on an opposing member’s helmet or have their attack be countered. For those individuals that want their team to be properly made in their own image, the franchise mode allows players to keep tabs on both the on and off field exploits of the members of their team, whether it is them buying cars, clubbing, or countless other activities. The game may have garnered a Mature rating, but I still do not see what is so wrong with the Blitz titles.

They accurately portray the real life of football, and most things that have made it into the game would not be unknown to anyone that watches cable TV on any night of the week. The minigames that are present (allowing shoulders to be put back into place and proper injections of steroids) keep players interested in Blitz: The League II for a much longer period of time than other yearly sports titles, and ensure that this will be the game that makes it into the Xbox 360 (or other console) whenever people come over to one’s house, dorm, or apartment. If you like football in the slightest, or sports games in general, make it a point to pick up Blitz: The League II whenever you have the funds (or charge it if you don’t).

Rating: 8.8/10

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