Doomtree – “Gameshow Host”

Doomtree’s political leanings are no secret and in their debut collective release they are put on neon display, particularly in the track “Gameshow Host.” The beat, produced by Lazerbeak with cuts by Turbo Nemesis, opens with a flourish and then allows the message to take center stage. A latin-tinged guitar line drifts over a static-infused background, mirroring the convoluted, confusing times the nation is facing. The verses rapped by Mictlan, Sims, and Cecil Otter touch on current flashpoint issues such as the Iraq war and the oil industry; “So I see you got your war paint / all suited up / shoot ’em up / You drill until the core breaks / chew ’em up, use it up, then you move the rub.” Doomtree wants listeners to think for themselves instead of blindly following “robots in a suit and tie” and to become proactive in these times of political and economic turbulence.

The Background:

The five rappers and four producers that make up the Doomtree crew have been powering through the underground community since their inception, with critically acclaimed releases from their home-grown label, including their own False Hopes series of EPs, and the release of P.O.S.Â’s Ipecac Neat (named “Best Album of the Year” by The Star Tribune). Since meeting in junior high, they’ve all lived and worked together, helping to create the dynamic and tireless work ethic they have developed as a group. Over the past five years, Doomtree has gained momentum as one of the best hip-hop collectives in the Midwest.

The self-titled album, DOOMTREE, is a landmark for the group and a self-proclaimed beast. With 21 tracks, not only does the record build the momentum of the crew, but it also highlights their talents as solo artists. With an already outstanding catalog including fans of punk and indie rock, and rap purists, this release is sure to rally an even bigger audience with the call for independent thought. As Doomtree says, “The anthems are victorious, the storysongs are full of dream and intrigue, and the bangers reset pacemakers.”

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“Gameshow Host”

“Game Over” featuring Mictlan, Paper Tiger, and Turbo Nemesis

“Accident” featuring P.O.S., Sims, and Lazerbeak

“Dots & Dashes” featuring Dessa, P.O.S., & MK Larada

As Seen on TV part 1:

As Seen on TV part 2:

“The Wren” featuring Lazerbeak, Sims, and Dessa

Album Preview Video

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