Top 10 Most Depressing Rap Songs

10 ) The Game Ft. Lil Wayne – My Life

9 ) Akon – Sorry,  Blame It On Me

8 ) Bone Thugs in Harmony Ft. Akon – I Tried

7 ) T-Pain Ft. Ludicris – Chopped N Skrewed

6 ) Trey Songz – I Can’t Help But Wait

5 ) PitBull Ft. Lloyd – Secret Admirer

4 ) Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girls

3 ) Akon – Right Na Na Na

2 ) Immortal Technique – Peruvian Cocaine

1 ) Bone Thugs In Harmony – Tha Crossroads

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26 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Depressing Rap Songs”

  1. You, don’t know shit about rap. Half of these songs on the list aren’t depressing at all, instead they are more uplifting. All the above is not depressing at all, are you serious? It’s a motivational song.

    Immortal Technique – Dance With The Devil
    T.I. – Live My Life Alone
    Tupac – So Many Tears
    Nas – Undying Love

  2. You seem to know very little about rap music. You ain’t never lived the life you don’t even know what a Welfare Christmas is! Rich white wannabe. Try bein poor and doin w/o and then come back her boi~

  3. She said that they seemed depressing but actually had uplifiting parts. Don’t bash like that; don’t be stupid and bring up skin color ’cause that has nothing to do with it. You don’t know her life either. She might not be white and chances are she’s not rich either. Don’t freak out. =).

  4. u guys r full of shit. go fuck yourselves. theres no eminem in here??? heres some good music i like and i aint talkin to the ppl that commented im just talkin bout the list.

    eminem–when im gone



    t.i.–no matter what

    and why no mockingbird by eminem??? thats a depressing song. and spend some time by eminem. anyways. listen to dem songs. and hands held high by linkin park. and in the end by linkin park.

  5. plz tell me who ever made this list was kidding there is nothing depressing bout beautiful girls by sean kingston dont get me wrong it was a good song but not deppresing

  6. this list is shitty, what about i feel like dying by lil wayne or dances with wolves by immortal technique or suicedal thoughts by noturious big but instead u put all these gay sounding songs on mostly about girls thats dissapointing

  7. Okay i may be white but this is a horrible list,

    Immortal technique-dancing with the devil
    T.I.-Live my life alone
    T.I.-Live in the sky

    those three songs are more depressing then any of those songs,Right nanana, really?

  8. I’m sorry but you can’t forger Dance With The Devil by Immortal Technique and Suicidal Thoughts by Biggie Smalls

  9. yea im sorry but this list is awful…do you even listen to the lyrics of these songs? chopped and screwed nd right nanana just have me totally scratching my head but the ones in these comments r good…
    also try atmosphere-yesterday & lil wayne-something you forgot

  10. Damn you wanna here some depressing songs
    Spice 1- face of a desperate man
    Tech n9ne – suicide letters
    biggie smalls – suicidal thoughts.
    immortal technique – dance with the devil
    immortal technique- you never know
    immortal technique – angel of death
    Eminem – Kim
    Lil Rue – My pain
    also this ones not really depressing but i just think you guys should get a listen too!
    j Stalin- Paranoid

    imight reply again with more songs if you guys want 🙂 jus let me know ahah

    fukz wid itt boobuu ;]
    on $ome Real $hyt 🙂

  11. beautiful-eminem very depressing and half of cudders songs display the deepest levels of human emotion

  12. How is “Angel of Death” by Immortal Technique a depressing song? The message in “Angel of Death” is just their beliefs in how corrupt the federal government.

  13. Yo check out Eminem: rock bottom, great song but if you listen to the lyrics it brings tears to the eyes

  14. R u retarted this list isn’t depressing ur honestly the dumbest person alive when it comes to rap this list is fucked up

  15. all of you have horrrrrrible tastes in sad music.
    immortal technique – you never know
    immortal technique – crimes of the heart
    nas- undying love
    kid cudi – mr solo dolo
    blu – dancing in the rain

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