Two Tone Cat

This comic, which I believe I got from a SPA chat (for info go to, is interesting, to say the least. While I am not the best reviewer in comics (my sister does that job), I feel that I can cover this issue. The style of this comic, which I can only call a mixture of JohnK, Crumb, and new-school Mad Magazine, really is more caricaturistic than anything, fits the content of the issue probably better than any other style. Divided into two comics, the first one, “Thanksgiving Turkey” details the turkey serial killer Miguel Turkesanos and his later self-sacrifice to bring turkeys to the poor inhabitants of Puerto Rico. The second comic, “Von Caril”, describes the history of a certain feline thief, and ties this ancillary story to the first, in that Von Caril herself owns the turkey factories that are featured at length in the first comic. However, the style of writing between the comics seem incredibly different, with the events of “Thanksgiving Turkey” read like Ovidian hyperbole, while the events of “Von Caril” seem like the events of the average female zinesters, albeit with events slightly of a larger scope. Can I recommend this comic any more than recommending you spend the $2.95 cover price on this than the $5 on your average issue of Eightball or whatever amount Love and Rockets might charge? I don’t think so. Pick it up!

Rating : 7.2/10

Two Tone Cat /$2.95 / Half Sized / 40 Pages / / Jeffrey Kane, 58 Polo Road, Great Neck, NY 11023

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Author: James McQuiston

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