Whiskey Plus #1

Nate Gangelhoff is the creator of this zine, and while the name may not immediately ring a bell, the quality of writing that ey has pumped out for the last few years should (Pick Your Poison, You Idiot! are two of eir other zines). Whiskey Plus is a zine that is focused on one specific thing: music. Most specifically, this zine deals with various facets of music that sucks. However, Nate is not cynical or completely jaded. In fact, there seems to be a jovial nature to eir ribbing that really makes this zine a positive (as opposed to a negative) experience. What may be strongest in this issue is the incredibly-disjointed piece that ey writes about a time ey went to a Korn concert completely stoned. This disjointed style captures perfectly the experience ey had, and transfers it into text so that other individuals would be able to understand what ey went through. Other pieces in s issue include a systemic dissection of a number of current tracks on the Billboard top tens, and a “show review” of a number of karaoke performances during one night that Nate spent at a bar. There is no “high and mighty” tone to Gangelhoff’s writing (unlike other writers in the Pitchfork and Buddyhead camps), but rather a detached form of observation that really allows a reader to make their own decision about the experiences described here. One minor thing though Nate: the “pitiful 500” print run you describe is twice what some people (us included) print up. A fun zine, laid out well with a solid focus.

Rating: 7.0/10


Whiskey Plus #1 / $1 / 16M / :20 / http://www.pickyourpoison.net / whiskeyplus@gmail.com / Reviewed 15 October 2005

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