Wonkavision #21

With each issue of Wonkavision I get, I like the zine more and more. Wonkavision has grown in size and quality of layout, and with the cover piece (Homestar Runner), I am truly in love with the zine. From the other issues I’ve seen, there is only one major thing that I could find fault with. The zine reviews which I was so cleanly picked earlier in Wonkavision’s run has been destroyed for more CD reviews. The zine starts somewhat slowly with average writing about Clearchannel and an absolutely tepid review of the class struggle in high school, but then starts to pick up with an all-too-short discussion of female genital mutilation and a light-hearted rant about baseball’s collective bargaining agreement. The for those with a.d.d. section continues with the light-heartedness which slowly busts into the meat of the magazine, including interviews with Cex, the Philadelphia American Nightmare, Sparta, and the break. Keeping all of their interviews short (albeit in miniscule fonts) is one of the reasons of the continued vitality of Wonkavision, as are the reviews of many different medias and styles, including reviews of old games, websites, and even horrorcore rap! For such a cheap magazine, the ad ratio is surprisingly small to the amount of actual content, and as such, the ads work more as article dividers than something that makes you flip through 10 or so pages.

Rating : 7.8/10

Wonkavision #21 ($2.95, PO Box 63642, Philadelphia, PA 19147) (For Jersey Beat)

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Author: James McQuiston

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