Pernod Absinthe (136 Proof)

Pernod has a history in the Absinthe business. Their last foray into absinthe, the 20th century effort Pernod fils, was the highest selling absinthe before 1915. The recent legalization of absinthe in the United States market means that there have been a number of absinthes that have flooded into the market. As was the case nearly 100 years ago, Pernod has created the best brand of absinthe on the market. The alcohol content (nearly 70% percent) makes for a strong drink, even when individuals go through the steps (adding ice-cold water to the absinthe through a sugar cube held on a slotted spoon) necessary to properly appreciate the spirit.

Similarly strong are the anise notes that issue forth from the spirit, which manifest themselves well equally through the drink. I sense a sea shift of drinkers from Jagermeister to absinthe (and particularly Pernod Absinthe) as more individuals familiarize themselves with this spirit. When one compares it to a spirit like Jagermeister, one will immediately note that the taste is incredibly rich and complex. The buzz that comes from drinking in moderation is miles ahead from the similar buzz of a Jagermeister: the resulting intoxication is more sublime and chill, allowing for an entirely new experience that has yet to be matched by any other spirit currently on the market.

The taste of the Absinthe may be strong to those that may not be fans of a licorice type of flavor, but I feel that the dense nucleus of flavors and tastes that are present will allure tasters to go beyond their mundane likes and dislikes and give something like a Pernod Absinthe a fair shake. The list price of the Pernod Absinthe – $75 – may be a little high for individuals that are used to paying $25 or $30 for a bottle of spirits. However, the experience that one will get from a bottle of Pernod Absinthe is something that is not capable. Chip in with some friends and all revel in this previously banned treat; spoil yourself or a loved one for Christmas or other holidays; you will like this spirit.

Rating: 9.0/10

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