Producer/Musician Ken Andrews Joins Dangerbird Management

With a career spanning nearly two decades, Ken Andrews has fronted bands, produced and mixed records, written and recorded extensive material for himself, as well as an array of others. The acclaimed talent has now joined the burgeoning roster of Dangerbird Management, which currently houses Tony Hoffer (The Kooks), Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Nine Inch Nails), Dave Cooley (Silversun Pickups), Ben Kweller and Peter Walker (Dappled Cities) on the producer/mixer side and Darker My Love and The Dears on the artist side.

Andrews began his expansive career in 1991, fronting Failure, who’s third and final album, Fantastic Planet, was cited as “a musical and production masterpiece that manages an epic scope with a minimum amount of instrumentation” (All Music Guide). Andrews quickly became a sought after studio wizard while continuing his parallel career as a musician. He went on to form ON following the demise of Failure, and eventually Year of the Rabbit. Meanwhile, he lent his production and mixing prowess to Nine Inch Nails, Beck, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Pete Yorn, Chris Cornell and Tenacious D, to name but a few.

“I enjoy making records,” offers Andrews. “Whether I am helping other artists enhance their vision as a producer or mixer, or writing and recording my own stuff as an artist, I find both worlds to benefit each other.”

Andrews and Dangerbird co-founder Jeff Castelaz first met about eight years ago and maintained a camaraderie since. That friendship eventually transformed into a business venture over “a cup of coffee, just to catch up as buddies,” explains Castelaz. He continues: “After a few dozen milligrams of caffeine, Ken and I discovered that we shared a world view not only in music, culture, design, cycling, but in how to develop Ken’s producing and mixing career. The caffeine was especially helpful when we started riffing on Ken’s list of non-production ventures.” From scoring movies, video games and commercials to developing software applications, or marketing bands, Castelaz immediately recognized Andrews’ potential to elevate beyond his producer platform, and more so, Dangerbird’s ability as a full-service creative agency to see it through.

“I love working with all-rounders,” Catelaz admits. “After a decade of managing producers, I am clear that these multi-faceted guys are my faves.”

Dangerbird will continue to build on Andrews’ mixing/producing career while expanding into new ventures as the young relationship begins to take shape. “We have a lot in common,” adds Castelaz. “Like all of our other producer/mixers, Ken is an artist, musician, songwriter who expanded into working with other people on their records.” He concludes: “We need people like Ken in our gang, and he needs a team like us to carry out his ideas so he can keep dreaming.”

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