Yellow + Blue (Malbec)

During my entire lifetime boxed wine has not been synonymous with luxury, but Yellow + Blue has brought something more to the table. When I first received this wine I was intrigued why such great wine would be packaged in a box. Well, as I began to read the box it explained that “wine lovers shouldn’t have to choose between quality wine and a healthier planet.” At that point I was excited to try the wine; I support anything having to do with a healthier planet.

After the wine had time to chill I opened it; it was a twist off top so I didn’t have to search the world over to find my corkscrew and fight with a cold slippery bottle for 20 minutes. With a simple twist it was open and in my glass. I am a newcomer to Argentinean wines; at this point I had not had the chance to sample Torrentes from Caffyate, one of the most famous wines from the region. I let the wine settle then took my first sip; the wine was very clean and mild with hints of pineapple, melon, peach, and a little bit of lime.

The minerals in the wine give it a little extra kick as well. The finish is clean and quick this wine would be perfect with a spicy dish or even maybe with some seafood. This wine was the first to show me that the bottle is just for show, and that truly great wine can come in a box. Oh, and also two other perks; the box is resealable because it has a twist off cap, so if you’re like me and just like a glass every once in a while it’s perfect; also, each box gives you a full liter, a third more than most other bottles. A bottle of Yellow + Blue runs about 10 dollars and is 13% alcohol, so it is clean and fresh but not over powering.

Rating: 8.5/10

Yellow + Blue (Malbec) / 26 Proof / /

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