Seven Mile Ride – S/T

The first track on this EP is “Face in the Crowd”, and the song itself is a perfect introduction to the music tour de force that is Seven Mile Ride. This is due to the fact that the band is hitting on all cylinders, creating a brand of rock that is unique will still playing on some of the genre’s best known acts. The strong vocals present during this introductory track will ensure that the compositions on this EP will stick with listeners well after the final track, “Chase the Past Away” finishes up. The disc’s second track, “At Home”, blends together equal parts Moody Blues and Goo Goo Dolls into a driven bit of rock that will keep toes tapping throughout.

“Always” is a slower track that links together Warren Zevon, Tom Petty and even a little Chris Cornell into a bit of alt-rock that would easily make it onto any college rock station that this EP finds itself at. Instead of merely doing a track in that format, Seven Mile Ride place the bar higher with a sizzling guitar solo that would prove difficult to even the most storied guitar virtuosos. “Keep To Myself” fits in well to the alternative rock style first broached during “Always”, but is more compelling than any other track on this EP as it skillfully and deftly blends together instrumental and vocal elements to make something that will challenge listeners’ assumptions about the band and about rock music generally. This style continues through the Wall of Voodoo-influenced penultimate track, “Silver Lining”, and dissipates by the time that the disc’s final track, “Chase The Past Away”, plays. “Chase The Past Away” is a straightforward rock track that places Seven Mile Ride at a crossroads that ensures that they could take a countless number of directions for subsequent releases.

I left this self-titled CD in my car for weeks after the initial listen, and I sit here eagerly waiting for the next bit of news – whether it be live dates or an upcoming full length album – to be issued from Seven Mile Ride’s headquarters. If you like rock music that never is afraid to take on different genres, styles, or approaches, this eight-track release should be the next thing that you pick up.

Top Track: Keep to Myself

Rating: 8.0/10

Seven Mile Ride – S/T / 2008 Macaca Fuscata / 8 Tracks /

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