Akron/Family – Meek Warrior

The approach taken by Akron/Family during their “Meek Warrior” is interesting, to say the least. There still seems to be a down-home type of rock, but the title track is much more bouncy. The distinct vocals that come forth on this track are bolstered by the on-again off-again guitar track. This is not the most polished production that one can hear, but the cozy way that Akron/Family is recorded on “Meek Warrior” allows the band to put forth a specific sound that is not easily comparable to any acts. The more tribal drumming (coupled with a tambourine) of “Blessing Force” puts Akron/Family in a completely other realm, one that has the guitar only quietly sneak in under the radar. The guitar gains some power, but the act seems to be hurtling out of control by this time.

Vocals are not needed for this track as there is such a wall of sound ready and willing to assault listeners. While there is not an instrument that comes forth and acts as a vocal component, what I feel that Akron/Family are trying to do with this track is to create a Bacchanalian orgy of revelry; I think they succeed with that goal completely. The fact that this track incorporates vocals only in an instrumental way (until the absolute end of the first movement of the song) shows that the band is all up for tearing down musical conventions. Akron-Family go through a couple different movements on their “Blessing Force”, but all of them continue with the same type of chaos and wall of sound that started off the track all those minutes ago.

This is their experimental track, and more of where they seem to draw their influence to the past (the Neil Young / Devo collaboration seems to be extra salient during this piece). Akron/Family move back to a traditional, country meets folks style during their “Love and Space”. “Love and Space” does not have much in the way of instrumentation beside the individual vocals. However, there still is a tremendous amount of harmony to this track as the band comes through in all of their a capella glory. The styles that Akorn/Family use during this album is amazing both in terms of their diversity and in the sheer number approached. “Meek Warrior” is another solid album by the band, and will do well to further expand upon on the sound created for the last album.

Top Tracks: Love and Space, Blessing Force

Rating: 6.8/10


Akron/Family – Meek Warrior / 2006 Young God / 7 Tracks / http://www.akronfamily.com / http://www.younggodrecords.com /

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