Alchemia Polish Vodka (80 Proof)

The first taste that individuals will have of Alchemia will forever impart “smoothness” as a quality to the vodka. Alchemia is smoother than even storied brands like Belvedere and Grey Goose, ensuring that this vodka can pull double duty as a mixing spirit or as a straight shooter. For my money though, I would just put this in a highball glass and go to work; without or without ice, Alchemia’s smoothness is the perfect thing for the frigid winter that we have had up to this point. Hell, even the bouquet that will immediately make itself known to imbibers of Alchemia is more mild than other vodkas. Everything about this spirit is polished; perfection for Alchemia is just around the corner.

The bottle of “Czysta” that we received said that Alchemia is created using traditional Polish recipes: while there is little in the way of substantial differences between this and other vodkas, what is different is really the complexity of the spirit. Alchemia is just that much more dense and flavorful than other vodkas, and don’t let that mean that it has a harsher bite. Individuals should make themselves into a tabula rasa with each subsequent shot of Alchemia, and chances are good that a different flavor or nuance will make itself known on that go-around.

While we did not have the chance to review any of their other varietals (Alchemia offers Ginger, Wild Cherry, and Chocolate versions of their vodka), I have little doubt in my mind that they will be some of the best vodkas to hit the market. However, if your tastes run purely to the “natural” flavor of vodka, Alchemia’s Czysta is the choice that you should make. At a price hovering around $30, it slides in just underneath the other super-premium vodkas on the market, with a taste that in many instances exceeds that of those similar brands.

Rating: 8.7/10

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