American Plague-daemos (CD)

4 song demo-2000 Jaw/Plague Records. This Tenneseean band is old school punk at a high speed that also draws heavily from the 70’s metal supergroups. All parts of the Plague are fleshed out quite well, except for the bass, which is on a pitifully low level on the tape. The vocals are top rate, with strong guitar riffs and driving drumbeats. The recording is amazing even with the cassette format and even impresses me more with the band’s name scribbled right on the tape. Jaw’s vocals on “Tough Love” are top-rate, with a very catchy chorus in an already infectious song. Unfortunately, the vocal level on the song is a minute bit low-no big complaint tho.

This demo tape will run across the same problem that seems to befall many of the best bands out there today, and that is not lasting for long enough. I simply want more, and hope that the American Plague’s CD will come out soon, as I am blown away by this tight 3-piece act. Keep in mind that this band is relatively new to the music scene, being formed in early 2000, but as their press sheet says, “don’t let the newborn status fool you into thinking there any amateurs here”. With some cleaning of the general sound of the American Plague, they would be perfect for pop-rock radio, as they simply have that much talent. 3 words for this: Buy this tape!. Its short, but its worth it. Get a hold of them at http:///, PO Box 10911, Knoxville TN, 37939 USA


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