American Timebomb – S/T (CD)

American Timebomb start out this LP with “Live It Up”, a track that is impressive not for the pop-punk sound it holds as sacrosanct, but rather their choice of influences on this track. There is a mixture of eighties Ramones and just a hint of Lillingtons in the mix; what occurs in this track is a sad sense of longing that the bouncy beat of the track is not strong enough to hit. At fourteen minutes, one can definitely link American Timebomb to other similar bands (Screeching Weasel), even down to the good but not perfect type of production values on the disc.

Everything seems to be compressed a little too much on the track; while one can hear the energy of the guitars on the track, there is little chance that the licks can reach out and emotionally effect the listeners as much as a more live recording style would allow. Saying that, American Timebomb sound professional as all get out; the issues with this disc are purely recording limitation rather than any flaw inherent in the band. “I Lost My Brain” marks a sea change for American Timebomb, as Adam’s vocals during the track emotionally shake the listener. Perhaps that is what American Timebomb needs; a closer position to the mic, even if the sound is not necessarily perfect all of the time. The band does not rest on their laurels, as “Leash” takes a slightly newer approach than “Live It Up” does; one can hear the clean sound of early Blink 182 more than The Ramones here.

“Murder” is the quickest track on this Lp; at a second over a minute, American Timebomb still have the maturity and skill to create a song that individuals will want to listen to and reviewers will tap their toes to. Longtime listeners will see that the disc ends with “On The Run”, which was one of the brightest spots on the first EP. A fuller sound dominates on this track; a second set of vocals that mimic the leads during most of the track seems to be the major payoff for true fans. Every bit of the pop-punk genre is prodded and used willy-nilly in creating a swallow’s nest. The result may look odd to viewers, but the structure (the sound) is beyond reproach. A full disc that spits out what it wants in fifteen minutes; these kids need to get more songs so individuals will not have to burn out the disc from continual repeats.

Top Tracks: I Lost My Brain, Live It Up

Rating: 6.5/10


American Timebomb – S/T / 2005 Self / 9 Tracks / / / Reviewed 10 January 2006

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