Obsello Absinthe Verte (100 Proof)

We have only had one chance to try the green spirit Absinthe before the Obsello. Where the Pernod Absinthe was strong in its own right, I feel that the Obsello Absinthe is miles away from the Pernod, for reasons listed below. The spirit itself is weaker in alcohol content (100 Proof) than the Pernod (136), a decision made that is actually pretty smart. The strong flavoring of the Pernod Absinthe was pretty much the only problem with the spirit, and a great deal of that flavor came from the high alcohol presence in the spirit.
With a lower alcohol content, the traditional flavor of Absinthe is allowed to shine, and what was something that could not help knocking drinkers on their ass in the past is something that, while still bold, has a little bit of finesse present. The Bottle itself is a little on the ominous side, being cast in a dark enough glass to never truly show the color of the sprit. This ambiance is furthered through a wax coating that drips down the bottle, and continues when individuals actually open the spirit.

The weakly greenish color of the spirit belies a burn that is unsurpassed in any spirit that I have ever had. However, unlike a number of different spirits that can be said to have a strong urn (a number of whiskies fall into this category), the burn is replaced soon after with a smoothness that makes individuals want to stick with the spirit. I have to be honest: I had a sample shot of the Pernod Absinthe sit around the apartment for a good three months without having anything in the way of takers, but the first time we all tried the Obsello, the bottle was half drained by the end of the night.

The anise flavor associated with absinthe is muted with an allspice flavor, creating something truly unique in composition. The cost of a normal-sized (750 ml) bottle of the Obsello is a hair above $50 ($54 as a MSRP), which pegs it at a level considerably cheaper than any other absinthe that we have priced. I’m unsure what other spirits Esmeralda Liquors will import in the next few years, but I do know that I would love to give them a second chance based on this strong first effort.

Rating: 9.1/10

Obsello Absinthe Verte (100 Proof) / Absinthe / Esmeralda Liquors / http://www.obsello.com

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7 thoughts on “Obsello Absinthe Verte (100 Proof)”

  1. Nice review. I recommend you also post your reviews on the Wormwood Society review page.

    FYI, absinthe shouldn’t ‘burn’. If you prepare it properly, the alcohol bite should be minimal. A properly prepared absinthe contains 1 part absinthe to 3-5 parts water, depending on individual taste, and bottle strength. Typically, your higher proof absinthes get closer to 5:1, lower proofs like Kubler and Obsello, more like 2.5-3:1.


    Brian Robinson
    Review Editor
    The Wormwood Society

  2. Sorry, you don’t get banned for posting reviews.

    You get banned for either causing trouble or being a puppet. If you’re complaining about stuff that happened 2-3 years ago, then you need to move on. It doesn’t work like that anymore.

    Nice to see people still needlessly trying to stir the pot though. Grow up.

  3. …..If you’re complaining about stuff that happened 2-3 years ago, No, just a while ago see here:


    “I’d say it’s a fair call on an admin that repeatedly bans members from his forum who voice opinions critical of the admin, his products or his back-slapping cronies. Seems like a rational assessment to me. Someone in control of such a tightly buttoned-down society seems to be fearful of something. Such behavior doesn’t exactly exude self-confidence”

    “Hiram silences any voice that would have the audacity to question him or his products. Why? What does he fear? ”

    So by “causing trouble” you mean criticising the owner’s product do you?

    http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/20179 🙂

  4. You weren’t kicked out for criticizing anything. You got kicked out for:

    1) Being a puppet
    2) Intentionally misleading people by posting a link to a different product

    I don’t want to air all of your dirty laundry, because this isn’t the place to do it. Needless to say, it’s not the WS who would look bad if I posted all of the comments you made at the WS, FV and LL. The links you keep providing aren’t doing you any favors.

    I find it funny that people get upset when the WS is trying to create a more professional atmosphere so as to limit the arguing and insulting like what is done in the other forums. In fact, there are more people who support what the WS does (whether that be in public or in private) than criticize it.

    There is nothing wrong with criticizing a product. It’s done all the time. It’s amusing though that the product you are referring to isn’t getting attacked at all on FV either. In fact, I didn’t even see you criticize his product. But I guess that’s the argument you’re gonna stick with, eh?

    Do me a favor, move your crying over to FV so I don’t have to take time out of my day to visit this site and so we don’t sully this thread any more than it already has been.

  5. “It’s amusing though that the product you are referring to isn’t getting attacked at all on FV either” Do you own a pair of rose-tinted spectacles? Read the thread again:

    “might consider doing it the way a few others in the world of absinthe do it, by offering a quality product. I guess it’s easier his way – silence the ones who call crap, crap”

    Seems some people also have a different view about what is happening thesedays at The Wormwood Society:

    “The fact that a member of the advisory board is unfazed by all the hypocrisy and shallow, callous deceptions that are promulgated there is what gets me riled up. Every posting is being used to increase the perceived value of that swamp hole”………”the talking plastic Flora and Fauna are fantastic there though, repeating only what is preordained. All the while, goose stepping to the tune of “Zippity Doo Dah”. what a wonderful day”

    Strong words and seemingly born of heartfelt anger at “hypocrisy and shallow, callous deceptions” Why should we accept your version of events?

  6. Why should we except yours? Your posts are full of more misinformation than anything I’ve seen from the rest of the absinthe mafia. What’s funny is that you take to heart the opinions of a small minority of the board that talks badly about the WS and Marteau. Go back and look through the thread. It’s a small handful that made the waves. I got PMs from more people who were in my favor than those who were against in that thread.

    You’ll also notice, if you read carefully, that no one who admits to actually trying the new product has made negative comments about it. None of them have called it crap. That’s on FV, not anywhere that Hiram would want censored. How do you explain that, oh master of misinformation?

    Lastly, I’ll leave you with some quotes from Oxy himself. This will be my last post here. If you want to continue this charade, do so at the FV, which is the appropriate venue.

    Quote Oxy – December 8, 2008
    “Honestly, some of you need to get out more. The WS is Hiram’s forum, he can administer it exactly how he likes. Arguing about it here is just pathetic and sad. And, irrespective of his role at the WS, Shabba is a longstanding and respected member here, and has done nothing to deserve this sort of gratuitous abuse.”

    Quote Oxy – July 29, 2008 (emphasis mine)
    “What’s the point of this kind of name calling? While I try to bend over backwards to let everyone have their say here, I’m not comfortable with the relentless demonization of Hiram by the same little self-appointed, self-regarding posse.

    Hiram has been crystal clear on the principles guiding the Wormwood Society, and the conditions for membership. The vast majority of members there seem perfectly happy with these principles. The tiny minority who are not, have left, either by choice, or by edict. What else is there to say? There’s nothing in Hiram’s last post I don’t agree with: it’s his forum, one of many on the internet catering for absinthe lovers of every bent and persuasion. Why shouldn’t he run it precisely the way we wants to?

    And aside from anything else, Hiram is a longstanding and valued member here, who over the years has made a significant contribution to Fee Verte. Since the Wormwood Society became his primary focus, he has continued to be a friend to Fee Verte. He’s never, to his credit, asked me for special treatment, but he deserves the protection I’d afford to any senior member here from relentless ad hominem attacks. I’ve no problem with his decisions or the products he makes being discussed or criticized here (just as I have no problem with my decisions, or the products I make, being discussed in the same way). But the highly personal name calling and abuse – always, as I said, from the same three or four members – crosses the line. Cut it out.”

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