Bulleit Bourbon (Whiskey)

Bulleit Bourbon (Whiskey)

Before this, I thought that Knob Creek was the best whiskey out there. However, after getting a chance to review Bulleit Bourbon has revealed that there is a serious contender to Knob Creek’s throne. Don’t let the bottle’s retro flair fool you: despite claims to the contrary, what is present in each bottle of Bulleit Bourbon is complex, full-bodied, and will be a whiskey experience that imbibers will not soon forget. The higher alcohol content of Bulleit (90 Proof) over other normal whiskey brands may seem daunting, but any burn is moderated with a smoothness that is unparalleled.

The nose of the spirit is a little more intense than the actual spirit, meaning that individuals need to stick with the spirit no matter how scared the brash and cocksure nose may make them. Bulleit Bourbon works best on the rocks, adding a dash of coolness to quench the fire that the spirit will start in one’s stomach. Shots are the next best thing, however, and will ensure a heady rush after only one or two.
While throwing Bulleit Bourbon alongside mixers (such as Coke or Sour mix) will work, I would say that much of the Bourbon’s unique charm is lost for a sugary snap that does not really do Bulleit justice.

The price of this spirit (which hovers around $30) is a steal considering the quality of Bulleit, along with the ability to get royally rocked (in a good way), should they wish to do so. If you find yourself a fans of whiskies and bourbons and have not had the chance to try out Bulleit Bourbon, do so. There are just so many facets to the spirit that one will spend the course of an entire bottle attempting to find them all.

Rating: 9.0/10

Bulleit Bourbon (Whiskey) / 90 Proof / http://www.bulleitbourbon.com

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