Combier (80 Proof)

We get a ton of vodka, tequila, rum, and the like at NeuFutur HQ, but we have not received too terribly much in the way of liqueurs through the time our alcohol review section has been active. Combier is a great addition to anyone’s liquor cabinet, but it is only just now that the spirit has hit American store shelves despite being available for 175 years. The orange bouquet that is immediately present when one opens a bottle of Combier seems to be a little on the weak side, until one realizes that other triple secs and Orange-flavored liqueurs create a distinctive orange fragrance through the use of synthetic chemicals.

In comparison, Combier’s lighter smell is coupled with an 80 proof alcohol that represents a stronger body than practically any other orange-flavored or imbued spirit currently on the map. It is also considerably smoother than other triple secs, a feat rendered all the more impressive considering the fact that it has a higher proof than most other triple secs out. Individuals can take down Combier as a sipping liqueur, but Combier really is impressive when it is coupled with other ingredients. Take for example, the “Blue Velvet Moon”, which ties together blueberries, gin, and Combier into a “fruity” drink with a hellacious kick.

Combier also succeeds in configurations that individuals may not normally think an orange-flavored liqueur would succeed. Take, for example, the “Dixie Whiskey”, which matches together whiskey, crème de menthe, bitters, and Combier. I may not have been too terribly familiar with Combier before reviewing the spirit, but I know that a bottle of L’Original Combier will not be absent from my liquor cabinet for years to come. Combier retails for $40 for a 750 milliliter bottle; visit the aforementioned web site if you would like a library of different drink recipes in which the liqueur truly shines.

Rating: 9.4/10

Combier (80 Proof) / Liqueur D’Orange /

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