Orange V (76 Proof)

There have been very few in the way of flavored spirits that I have actually enjoyed, and Orange V is one of the few that I could honestly see myself purchasing in the next few years. As individuals may be able to understand from the title, Orange V is an orange flavored vodka. Unlike many other flavored spirits, the alcohol percentage (38%) is pretty much the same compared to a “straight” vodka. The spirit itself starts out as many would think, with a strong orange flavor balanced out by an alcoholic bite that soon follows. After individuals get the chance to imbibe the spirit is where Orange V begins to break the stereotypes that some may have: the spirit itself is perfect either as a straight short or mixed in with different juices. Hell, our testing party found that Orange V worked miracles when mixed with things as common as Lemon-Lime Gatorade and even Cherry Kool-Aid.

The spirit itself is versatile, and can be enjoyed separately. An amount of Orange V, poured over a decent amount of ice, provides the perfect shield against the cold and rainy spring to come. Shots that would normally be avoided due to the vodka base of the spirit should be welcomed with open arms: the spirit itself goes down incredibly smooth and provides the perfect kick. While this is a minor issue, the lack of coloring of the spirit itself also ensures that those that are sensitive to artificial colorants will be able to have a flavorful and fun spirit without risking headaches or more serious allergic reactions.

I would like to see where Dynamic Beverages go in the near future; personally I would love to see what an orange-flavored gin would be like. Regardless, this spirit is at a high enough quality that fans of vodka should search the release out, while those individuals that are turned off by the taste of vodka normally should purchase a bottle to see whether the orange flavor of this spirit will change their minds. I believe that it will.

Rating: 8.3/10

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