Slug Magazine #243

It has been a few issues since the last time we have reviewed Slug, but the same quality and care taken in the creation of the magazine is still there. Of course, there are still a number of largely Salt Lake City-based advertisements present here, but these are more than balanced out by the stellar writing styles of the average Slug member. First off, the coverage that Slug grants to the SLC Tattoo Convention provides tremendous amounts of flourish and description, ensuring that readers feel as if they were actually there. Coverage of bands, both local and not provides more of this engrossing style; most intriguing of these would have to be pieces with Eagle Twin, Pig Destroyer, and the Parenthetical Girls. “The Inversion Trawler”, done by Oomingmak, is odd (but brilliant) as usual, while the reviews seem to have expanded considerably in number from other issues. While in most magazines this would be a bad thing, Slug writers know how the hell to write a review that either makes readers want to go out and purchase the release or avoid it like the plague. The sports coverage showcases the spring months perfectly, as this issue of Slug splits coverage equally between snowboarding and skating. Without a weak piece to be had, #243 showcases that Slug is far from on the ropes. If you are in the SLC area, make a journey to pick up the ‘zine.

Rating: 8.0/10

Slug Magazine #243 / Free / 1:30 / 84M /

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