Smirnoff Cocktails: Tuscan Lemonade (Cocktail)

Most the time, whenever I have some sort of mixed drink, there seems to be mounds too much sugar and not enough in the way of alcohol for me. However, Smirnoff has done the impossible and has created what I consider to be the best cocktail I have ever had. Their “Tuscan Lemonade” seems to be a shade or two darker than most lemonades, but the inclusion of Limoncello (Italian Lemon Liqueur) may be the reason for this. Smirnoff’s Tuscan Lemonade has something for everyone.

For those individuals that are not a fan of the alcoholic bite that is present in shots, the Lemonade flavor of the cocktail wins out handily. For those individuals that want to actually gain a little in the way of buzz off of what they are drinking, the 15% alcohol value will ensure that only a cup or two of the Tuscan Lemonade will imbue enough warmth for the night. Finally, those individuals that want something new and refreshing will have a little bit of both with the Tuscan Lemonade. The price for a 1.5 liter bottle of the Cocktail (at around $20) will ensure that 3 to 4 individuals will get to have a little slice of heaven.

I was always an individual to go and have a mixed drink, whether it be something like a screwdriver or a rum and cock, but the lighter touch given an alcoholic spirit such as what Smirnoff does here will make me check out quite a few different brands of their offerings in the months and years to come. If you want your entire world view changed up, go to your local grocery store or liquor store and pick up the 750 of Smirnoff’s Tuscan Lemonade. It will provide the perfect way to cool someone down after a long, hot day; I guarantee it.

Rating: 9.5/10

Smirnoff Cocktails: Tuscan Lemonade (Cocktail) / 30 Proof /

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8 thoughts on “Smirnoff Cocktails: Tuscan Lemonade (Cocktail)”

  1. I agree… My fav drink is always the rum and cock… No night is complete without it!

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