Malibu Melon Rum (Rum)

Melon is, I suppose, the hottest flavor this summer. We just reviewed the Smirnoff Melon Vodka a few days back, and we just received the Malibu Melon rum. Melon is a good flavor to lead off the summer, because it imparts a lighter flavor to any drink that the individual may make. The spirit may be a little on the light side in terms of alcohol content, but the taste of this spirit is something that is without comparison. The sugar / molasses body of a typical rum is distinctive enough on its own right, common to many a rum, but the Malibu Melon is a new variant on the theme.

Where the folks at Malibu want individuals to try out their Melon Tea Twister (1 part Melon rum, 3 parts Ice Tea, and a little Lemon-Lime soda), I feel that there can be countless different drinks that can be created with each bottle of Melon Rum. Of course, throwing in a fair share of Malibu Melon Rum with Coke or other soda will make perhaps the best fruit-flavored soda ever, while making a Mojito with this spirit will be a similarly eye-opening experience. Finally, and what I actually preferred, would be going straight with the Malibu Melon. Either in shot form, or put alongside some ice, will create the perfect sipping drink as the temperatures gradually increase through the spring and into the summer.

With Malibu coming in strong with this spirit, I know that I would like to see are different styles of fruit-flavored (or infused, depending on the parlance that is used) rum in the near future; it would be best to see something that has not been tried before, perhaps an Acai, Passionfruit, or even Noni berry type of rum. Regardless, what is found here is an impressive type of rum that will stick with imbibers long after they have put away the bottle for the night. If you like rum at all, or of fruity interpretations of spirits, make it a point to pick up Malibu Melon Rum.

Rating: 8.3/10

Malibu Melon Rum (Rum) / 42 Proof /

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