Pearl Plum Vodka (70 Proof)

We received a few bottles from Pearl a few months back, and we were just able to unbury ourselves enough to review one of the bottles. This time around, we are covering Pearl Plum Vodka. Where the Pearl Pomegranate vodka was sampled extensively during our session, individuals (for whatever reason) seemed to be a little wary of sampling the vodka. There is really no need to, as the Plum flavoring makes for a spirit that is simply fantastic.

Sure, the alcohol content of the Pearl Plum may be slightly less than other similar spirits, but taking straight shots or sipping away at a glass of the Plum Vodka will ensure that you have a glowing face and a warm demeanor for the rest of the night. This is due to the fact that there are a number of different distillations that take place with each batch of Pearl Plum that ensures that nothing in the way of impurities are present in each bottle of the spirit. The Plum flavor that is present here is strong and assertive but never feels as it is in the least bit fake or otherwise dishonest. The most interesting thing that could be found with the Pearl Plum would have to be its use in a variety of different mixed drinks. One can jazz up a Cosmo with the inclusion of Pearl Plum Vodka, or they could go for a odd, twisted type of a flavor with a Screwdriver made using this spirit.

Throw it together with Midori for another different type of flavor, or just place it alongside apple juice for something that will refresh at all points going down. It takes an innovative company to go forth and try to take on a fruit flavor that has been ignored for a decent period in the land of spirits, but Pearl has done the plum a tremendous service with this spirit. If you want your vodka experience to be like nothing that you have ever had, give Pearl Plum Vodka a try.

Rating: 8.8/10

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