Smirnoff Twist of Pomegranate (70 Proof)

Smirnoff is coming out with a number of different releases in the last few years that could be seen as shaking up the alcohol world. Their Tuscan Lemonade brought Limoncello drinks back, while their Melon interpretation of vodka really made a lighter flavor of that genus popular. Their Pomegranate one shares some similarities to the Melon one, but comes at the problem of providing a fulfilling spirit in a slightly a different way than the Smirnoff Melon.

This is due primarily to the fact that Pomegranate is a flavor that has much more in the way of a body than Melon, and Smirnoff had to ensure that the resulting spirit was not something that would drag down imbibers in the warmer months of the year. The slightly lighter alcohol content in the Twist of Pomegranate is not enough to significantly change ratios for drinks, allowing individuals to try out all of their vodka recipes with this one. A Pomegranate Screwdriver, for example, is a complete drink in much the same way that a smoothie is – different flavors come out at different parts of the drinks, rendering the resulting drink completely unique. While it would be frowned upon with the high-falutin’ segments of society, I had tremendous luck with Smirnoff’s Twist of Pomegranate mixed with the different Sobe line of fruit drinks.

If you think yourself to be a little bit more classy, perhaps throw in the Twist of Pomegranate Smirnoff alongside some Noilly Prat for a interesting twist on a Martini. Regardless, the Twist o Pomegranate is something that anyone that likes flavored vodkas should search out and pick up. I can’t imagine that finding a bottle would be any more difficult than going to the local liquor store and searching through the vodka section.

Rating: 8.7/10

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