The Spirit of Liberty (American Cream Liqueur)

This spirit came with a plastic version of its namesake acting as a bottle topper. While that has been lost to posterity, the notes from our sampling of The Spirit of Liberty have not. The spirit itself is an American Cream, meaning that bourbon is mixed in with cream to create something that approximates an Irish cream liqueur (think Carolan’s). The liqueur is very specialized in flavor, meaning that it would work best in something like a Buttery Nipple (a shot drink, equal parts Spirit of Liberty and Butterscotch Schnapps) or as a replacement for cream in one’s coffee.

I would not advise doing straight shots of it, but I suppose that is pretty understandable. The spirit could also work well in a Boston Car Bomb – Sam Adams, Jack Daniels, and a shot of The Spirit of Liberty dropped in the beer mug. Hints of vanilla and almond are dominant in The Spirit of Liberty, meaning that individuals that want to go out and attempt to do a different type of drink should look to bolster those notes. If you, the NeuFutur reading audience, have anything in the way of recipes that you have created with The Spirit of Liberty liqueur, please comment this review. If you are calorie conscious and actually want to have a more health cream liqueur, go to your local liquor store and see if they cannot special order you a bottle of The Spirit of Liberty. Regardless, it will be an experience.

Rating: 7.4/10

The Spirit of Liberty (American Cream Liqueur) / 36 Proof /

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One thought on “The Spirit of Liberty (American Cream Liqueur)”

  1. I particularly enjoy The Spirit Of Liberty with Espresso, sometimes over shaved ice, sometimes hot, and when shooters are the order of the day, I prepare what I call a ‘Liberty Cream Sickle’ which are a blend of The Spirit Of Liberty and Love Potion #9.

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