Gonzo Parenting Volume 1, Issue 1

There are a number of zines that I have kept around the house instead of donating them to a zine library or giving them to friends. Gonzo Parenting is one of those “keeper” zines, as it provides me (a potential future parent) with an interesting set of readings about parenting and tips on how to be a good modern parent.

The issue itself has a simply layout and minimal advertisements about the area in which the zine is produced, and for me, the only issue present during this issue would have to be the breaks that a number of the pieces employ (ensuring that readers have to jump a number of pages). “Celebrating the “man” in “Woman”, by Amanda Nichols, discusses the troubles associated with gendered titles used by the younger set, and exactly what that means for the parents of those younger ones, while “Step-Wives: The Good, the Bad and the Butt-Ugly” is an interesting discussion about how non-nuclear types of families can survive and thrive.

While the zine itself is a little on the short side, it provides readers with continual strong pieces and sets the stage well for its second issue (which covers more of the male perspective of parenting). If this type of zine sounds like interesting reading, or if you would like to write for the zine itself, give issue one (or the later issue mentioned above) a go. I feel that you will think that this zine is a keeper as well.

Rating: 8.2/10

Gonzo Parenting Volume 1, Issue 1 / $2 / 32M / http://www.myspace.com/gonzoparenting

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