Jose Cuervo Especial: Tequila Plata (80 Proof)

Jose Cuervo is the tequila that many of my friends prefer over all others, and while I had quite a few sessions with “Joe Crow”, I confess that it was not my first choice for tequila. This has all changed after we here at NeuFutur Headquarters had a bottle of the Jose Cuervo Especial (Tequila Plata) sent on over for review. The spirit itself has much less of a burn than other tequilas on the market, while having more of an Agave and pepper flavor present.

The spirit itself works perfectly as a shooter. While there is a hell of a warm feeling the second that the Jose goes down one’s throat, the burn at the back of the throat imparted by other tequilas is not present. While few people that I know actually go forth and do Tequila up this way, I’d try the Jose Cuervo Especial on the rocks, taking extra care to break down all the distinctive sides of the flavor profile. Where most people will end up going with the Jose Cuervo Especial is crafting some sort of cocktails or mixed drinks, and I can’t blame them.

As was the case with both straight shots and sipping drinks, the use of the Jose Cuuervo Tequila Plata is smart: margueritas and tequila sunrises taste that much better when one uses the spirit. While I was only familiar with the main Jose Cuervo brand before this, my experiences with the tequila have been good enough that I will be searching out some of the other offerings on the Jose Cuervo line in the weeks and months to come. For those individuals that like the darker tequilas, for example, the Jose Cuervo Black Medallion looks absolutely amazing.
Rating: 8.5/10

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