Tequila Cazadores (Anejo)

Tequila Cazadores is Bacardi’s brand of tequila, although individuals would not know that unless they looked up the brand. The spirit itself is made straight from the Blue Agave; the Anejo here approaches a darkness that parallels that of many whiskeys on the market. This is due to the fact that it has been aged in oak for at least 12 months before it makes its way into the bottle. The nose that comes off of a freshly-opened bottle is one that is complex, tying together the sharpness of the alcohol with hints of wood and earth.

Imbibers will want to sip this spirit before placing it alongside mixers or other additions; the unique flavor of the agave is matched perfectly with a floral flavor. While I personally would prefer enjoying the complexities of the Anejo Cazadores through sipping, the spirit does well in both straight shots or mixed drinks. For those that do shots, the warmth that the Anejo imparts will keep them going, while something like a Gentle Ben (equal parts of the Cazadores Anejo, Gin, and Vodka alongside a splash of OJ) will go down equally easy. For those that have not gotten too far into mixed drinks using tequilas, margueritas and tequila sunrises will be some of the best in memory if the Cazadores Anejo is used.

The Tequila Cazadores is a tequila that commends a premium price, but at a price range that hovers around $27 (Blanco) to $40 (for this bottle), is able to ensure that anyone (of legal age) that wishes to drink the spirit can. While we only had a chance to test out the Anejo, I am confident that the brand’s other two offerings – a Blanco and Reposado – contain the same rich and fulfilling flavor. If you have not previously liked different types of tequila, give Cazadores a spin; there is just something about the spirit that may just make a believer out of you.

Rating: 8.7/10

Tequila Cazadores (Anejo) / 80 Proof / http://www.bacardi.com

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