Blue Angel Vodka (80 Proof)

The bottle that we received of Blue Angel looks to have drawn influence from Grey Goose and the 700 Club; the frosted bottle and blue top will remind imbibers of the former, and the name, cloud motif and halo on the bottle will remind them of the latter. Compared to many vodkas, the astringent alcohol nose of Blue Angel is very mild, and even inviting. When the imbiber first gets a sip of Blue Angel into their mouth, one will be further confirmed that the quality of the spirit is superior than many on the shelf. While there is no denying that what one is sipping is alcoholic, there is a smoothness to the spirit that cannot be denied.

The price point for Blue Angel is a hair underneath $30, and that represent a considerable markdown from its comparable spirits (in terms of quality). The spirit does equally well no matter what exactly one does with it. We here at NeuFutur had fun throwing down a few shots, which used the aforementioned smoothness to provide mirth and merriment for all. Similarly, whether it be in a Long Island Ice Tea or a martini, Blue Angel gives body without throwing in too much of a biting or corrosive type of taste. The only thing in which the Blue Angel did not completely succeed in would be a vodka/ice mixture.

I feel this is more to the fact that the vodka became diluted rather than it being any issue with the spirit itself. If individuals want to enjoy Blue Angel in a sipping fashion, I would have to suggest insertion of the freezer stones into the vodka. I know that not many know about Blue Angel to this point, but giving this vodka a chance will ensure that there will be a new favorite in one’s liquor cabinet (if it lasts the night).

Rating: 8.0/10

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